Valentine’s Day “Love Children” 2014

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This year Sonya and I entered into a community project over at the Webcomic Underdogs forum — a crossover event that sees one of our characters create a hypothetical love child with someone from another comic! We were paired with M9 Girls, which can be found here for your reading pleasure. Now with no further yappin’ I present to you the love child of Zukah and Pato!


Yeesh, poor Pato. That’s enough for anyone to re-think their “party girl” ambitions.


We also got a gift for the occasion — Aero Zero of the comic Kyria chose to mate their character Mordecai with out very own Hrothgar to create this fearsome image!



“I present to you the spawn of Hrothgar the Faceless and Mordecai – an avian warrior with a thirst for blood. Armed with lightning powers and a throwing axe, he is a formidable foe.

Marduk the Faceless!”

-Aero Zero

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day. And remember! Even if you don’t have anyone special to celebrate it with… Well. Neither does Zukah, and he doesn’t get all pissy about it.