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Look let’s be honest. We have no intentions of quitting the comic whether you pay us or not.

Having said that, one of this comic’s creators is currently on disability and the other is getting by on unreliable freelance jobs. Money is tight around the Zukahnaut office. We sure would appreciate it if you could help us keep costs down by supporting this thing we’re putting out there for you and the rest of the world to enjoy.

So if you’d like to show that you support us in what we’re doing — if you genuinely enjoy the pages we put up every week and you’d like to encourage the people behind it? If you don’t like to leave regular comments saying so because you’re afraid it’ll get repetitive and boring (it won’t) or we’re not interested in anything you might think of to say (we are)? If you’re into giving us enough incentive to get more than a single page a week out of our miserly arses?

Then hey, toss us some spare change. Vote with your wallets. Buy our love! Let us know you dig what we do and we’ll be more enthusiastic about bringing you the best damn comic we can possibly crank out! Also we can buy food.

-Otty and Sonya