Zukahnaut Trivia Card #005

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Have you heard of the new flavour of nifty coming from the Zukahnaut team? It’s a sort of easy-mode scavenger hunt based on Zukahnaut Trivia Cards, a collection of factoids and curiosities pertaining to the Zukahnaut characters and Universe that you wouldn’t necessarily glean from just reading the comic.


Right! So. The first batch of Zukahnaut Trivia Cards will be posted in equal portions to the Zukahnaut Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, and TopWebComics (voting incentive) pages and the blog.

The first 10 have been made all up and will be scattered over those locations in the coming week. They’re all numbered so you’ll know if you’ve missed one! Keep an eye peeled — you never know when they might come in contest I MEAN IN HANDY.

Here are the links you’ll need to try and collect ’em all!
TopWebComics (vote incentive)