Heads up! Some news

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I want to make it known that should our comic fail to update and Sonya and I vanish from the social networks it will be because our electricity and/or internet has been turned off and not because we’ve quit. Pages will still be produced regardless, I hope, and will return if and when we do. If you’d like to ensure such a thing doesn’t interrupt your Zukah stories we’re grateful for every Paypal donation, Patreon patron and Merchandise purchase we get around here.


The trivia hunt is still going on! At the end of the month we hope to reward those who have participated — from completionist to casual reader — with a nice contest. The more you know the better your chances!


We have added ebook versions of Zukahnaut to our website! DRM-free PDFs, so you can read Zukah offline and on the go via your tablet computer or your laptop or your… whatever else they have now!

Okay, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading! We appreciate your support.