Otty’s Birthday and the ZUKAHNAUT Trivia Contest!

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Happy 27th birthday to Otty Justason, creator of the Zukahverse! Over the past month we have been releasing Zukahnaut Trivia Cards running up to this day, giving you insights into the world and characters of our comic and preparing you for today’s celebration. It’s contest time! We hope you’ve been paying attention, because every factoid you’ve retained is another chance to win!


For participating and getting at least 1 answer right, you’ll receive one free randomly selected wallpaper!

If you get all questions right, you’ll receive all 3 completed ebook chapters, all 4 wallpapers, and all 5 episodes of the ZNC (Zukahnaut Netflix Commentary) podcast as well as a page of original artwork from the Zukahnaut studio!

In addition to that, every correct answer will gain you an extra entry into a draw to win all prizes listed above PLUS a Zukahnaut magnet and T-Shirt (pick your favourite design) and a commission from Otty and Sonya all FREE!


27 questions for Otty’s 27th

  1. What is the name of Zukah’s hairstyle (according to Zukah)?
  2. Who is Zukah’s favourite superhero?
  3. What was Nanma famous for in her younger days?
  4. What was Nanma infamous for in her younger days?
  5. What does Daphne and Darius’ father do for a living?
  6. Why does Darius use a cane?
  7. What is the name of Marko Killigan’s ex-wife?
  8. What language does Hrothgar speak in?
  9. How can Zukah create potato grenades?
  10. What is the full name of Zukah’s stuffed bear?
  11. How long has Zukah owned his bear?
  12. Who is Zukah’s secret stalker?
  13. How many times has the stalker been shown thus far?
  14. Does Zukah have eyebrows?
  15. Name one reason why Nanma owns so many cats.
  16. What does Darius do in his free time?
  17. Is Zukah a nature lover?
  18. What was the name of the previous resident of Zukah’s house?
  19. Why did Zukah refer to the shopkeeper in Chapter 1 as Batman?
  20. Why does Zukah always sign his name with an exclamation mark?
  21. From whom did Zukah discover Rock ‘n’ roll and alcohol?
  22. Why are Zukah’s thoughts more coherent than his speech?
  23. In life Hrothgar was involved in which historical event?
  24. What does Hrothgar claim his only weakness is?
  25. What did Daphne do for a living before the portals started to emerge?
  26. What is C.E.L.L. an acronym for?
  27. How many characters in the cast of Zukahnaut have been shown to be smokers?

Good luck! Contest entries close on Monday June 2nd at 11:59 PM PST. Email your submissions to