The Zukahnaut Trivia Contest Results

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The results are in! All contestants should have now received their free random wallpaper for entering (check your spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox). Special mention goes to uber-Zukahnaut Daniel who scored an impressive 100%, netting himself the full-marks bonus of all 3 completed ebook chapters, all 4 wallpapers, and all 5 episodes of the ZNC (Zukahnaut Netflix Commentary) podcast as well as a page of original artwork from the Zukahnaut studio! We tallied the number of correct answers per entry and rolled for the grand prize winner using the fine random number generator powered by! Interestingly most entries ended up with identical scores, giving their contestants neck-and-neck odds against one another.

I’m stalling, it’s true. Okay. The grand prize winner blessed by the RNG gods is…


Congratulations! Look for an email to confirm your mailing address, T-shirt/magnet selection and commission details!


Below are the answers to the 27 trivia questions.

1. What is the name of Zukah’s hairstyle (according to Zukah)? The Ultimate Mullet
2. Who is Zukah’s favourite superhero? Namor the Sub-Mariner
3. What was Nanma famous for in her younger days? Designing the stage clothes of famous musicians
4. What was Nanma infamous for in her younger days? Partying hard (even measured by rock star standards)
5. What does Daphne and Darius’ father do for a living? Runs an “escort service”
6. Why does Darius use a cane? He spends any money he tries to save towards a surgery
7. What is the name of Marko Killigan’s ex-wife? Lilah
8. What language does Hrothgar speak in? The All-tongue
9. How can Zukah create potato grenades? By using the energy manipulation powers of his race
10. What is the full name of Zukah’s stuffed bear? Spencer “Skip” Bernstein
11. How long has Zukah owned his bear? Since December 26, 1998
12. Who is Zukah’s secret stalker? A One-Armed Gnome
13. How many times has the stalker been shown thus far? 4-5 (four definite, one possible cameo also accepted)
14. Does Zukah have eyebrows? Yes, they are just hidden under by his overhanging brow
15. Name one reason why Nanma owns so many cats. Acceptable answers include D+D’s father being allergic to cat dander
16. What does Darius do in his free time? Write “song lyrics” he refuses to call poetry
17. Is Zukah a nature lover? No
18. What was the name of the previous resident of Zukah’s house? Molly Hudgekiss
19. Why did Zukah refer to the shopkeeper in Chapter 1 as Batman? Zukah believes that anyone/everyone could be Batman
20. Why does Zukah always sign his name with an exclamation mark? He learned to read from old comics that used exclamation marks instead of periods due to printing restrictions
21. From whom did Zukah discover Rock ‘n’ roll and alcohol? Inhabitants of the ghettos where he hid
22. Why are Zukah’s thoughts more coherent than his speech? English is not his first language; he is nervous and self-conscious when speaking
23. In life Hrothgar was involved in which historical event? The Sacking of Lindisfarne
24. What does Hrothgar claim his only weakness is? Surtur’s flame
25. What did Daphne do for a living before the portals started to emerge? Run a veterinarian clinic
26. What is C.E.L.L. an acronym for? Central Extraterrestrial Lock-up and Laboratory
27. How many characters in the cast of Zukahnaut have been shown to be smokers? 2 — Marko and Darius (in a flashback)