Zukahnaut now available on ComiXology!

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zukahnaut on comixology

Why pay for Zukahnaut when it’s already free online?

Well first off pretty much every comic can be found for free online, along with music and movies and anything else that can be distributed digitally. There are reasons why people choose to pay for these things anyway, and here’s a few reasons why you should feel good about buying Zukahnaut comics:

  1. No need for an internet connection to read
  2. High resolution pages
  3. No advertisements
  4. Support its creators and make future work possible

ComiXology also offers DRM-Free downloads of Zukahnaut purchases, but if their update schedule is too slow for you we sell the most recent completed issues at: zukahnaut.com/e-books/

Why get ComiXology versions over ebooks available on our site? Because of ComiXology’s Guided View feature. One step below motion comic. ComiXology also gives you the convenience of storing your indie comics handily with whatever other titles you may buy from Marvel, DC, Viz, Image and more!

Never used ComiXology? Curious as to how it works? Test it out with these free comics! comixology.com/free-comics (Atomic Robo is particularly recommended, especially if you’ve taken our advice and turned yourself onto Ethan Kocak’s fantastic comic Black Mudpuppy).

You can purchase chapter one for just 99 cents here: http://cmxl.gy/1rIDlHP