The Room Dictating the Conversation

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I find it very strange how after that “The Sponsor” comic blew up, the response I saw to it was completely different depending on whether I was looking at one social media timeline or another. Every person I saw on Facebook was saying that James Sturm’s comic, about an artist struggling with their peer’s successes, was universally relatable. On Twitter I was exclusively treated to a gaggle of tweets condemning the premise and preaching against the sorts of ideas its characters were grappling with.

Here I thought I moved in the same circles in both rooms…Though it is worth remembering that both of those rooms has a habit of picking and choosing which pieces of conversation reach us (to varying degrees). I am a person who values multiple perspectives, so hearing dissenting opinions is always of interest to me, but this time the monopoly of one viewpoint per room sort of overshadows the issue being discussed.

Everyone’s timeline is different.This experience may have been uniquely mine. I’m not sure if that makes it more or less valid a thing to ponder, but look here: I’ve already written the damn thoughts out.