The Zukahnaut Podcast #007 is now live!

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Zukah and his visual biographer Sonya Somers sit down to talk about Zukah joining Twitter,where he used to get his comic books, and the first two episodes of the Avengers Assemble cartoon (and its ostensibly superior predecessor Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes). Patreon exclusive — pledge $2 or more towards the creation of our comic to listen!

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Zukahnaut now available on ComiXology!

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zukahnaut on comixology

Why pay for Zukahnaut when it’s already free online?

Well first off pretty much every comic can be found for free online, along with music and movies and anything else that can be distributed digitally. There are reasons why people choose to pay for these things anyway, and here’s a few reasons why you should feel good about buying Zukahnaut comics:

  1. No need for an internet connection to read
  2. High resolution pages
  3. No advertisements
  4. Support its creators and make future work possible

ComiXology also offers DRM-Free downloads of Zukahnaut purchases, but if their update schedule is too slow for you we sell the most recent completed issues at:

Why get ComiXology versions over ebooks available on our site? Because of ComiXology’s Guided View feature. One step below motion comic. ComiXology also gives you the convenience of storing your indie comics handily with whatever other titles you may buy from Marvel, DC, Viz, Image and more!

Never used ComiXology? Curious as to how it works? Test it out with these free comics! (Atomic Robo is particularly recommended, especially if you’ve taken our advice and turned yourself onto Ethan Kocak’s fantastic comic Black Mudpuppy).

You can purchase chapter one for just 99 cents here:

The ZNC Podcast #006 is now live!

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Fresh off a nebulously-described trip to the bottom of the ocean (which is even now being adapted into the next arc of the ZUKAHNAUT comic), Zukah is finally back with a new episode of the ZNC Podcast! This time around he’s watching 1998 film The Ultimate Weapon, an action-packed movie where (according to Zukah) a periwinkle-loving Steven Seagal squares off with a toupee-wearing Hulk Hogan in a hail of bullets and man boobs! Patreon Exclusive! Pledge $2 or more to the creation of our comic in order to access it.

Zukahnaut theme demo by Thibault Kervarech — find more of his stuff at

How I fell in love with comic books.

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I was too poor to buy comic books new off the rack when I was growing up. It might sound funny today, especially when you compare modern-day prices to what the floppies cost in the 90s, but when you have nothing but a few cents in your pocket every dollar on a price tag might as well be a hundred. I remember seeing comic books in kids’ bedrooms on television and it striking me as so unnatural. Glossy new comics belonged on the spinner rack at the convenience store. For me those make-believe bedrooms might as well have been decorated with cash registers and cigarette signs.

I had one window a year to buy comic books – every year my parents would take us to the Sussex Flea Market, this huge sprawling swap meet that drew people from all over southern New Brunswick to buy and sell. There my father would give me a few meager dollars that, to me, might as well have been a pocket of gold bullion and then set me loose to entertain myself for 10 hours so he could pick through vendor stalls for a good deal on a hood ornament or bootleg VHS porno or whatever else.

I would barely eat over the next three days. All of my money was rationed carefully until I finally found one of the handfuls of vendors out of hundreds that had a cardboard longbox on display. COMICS: 25 CENTS EACH/5 FOR A DOLLAR the good ones would read. Looking back, though, the best sellers were the ones who would have grab bags: super-cheap, but you had no idea what you were getting. Those grab bags were my introductions to pretty much every comic character aside from Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman.

I struck gold in those grab bags over and over, but one book held me fast and showed me a whole new dimension. THE MIGHTY THOR #275, by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. On the eve of Ragnarok, the end of the world, Thor and his evil brother Loki clashed over the body of the betrayed Balder the Brave. Everything was turned up to 11 – huge, operatic, Shakespearean and absolutely breathtaking. It was the perfect introduction to Thor and it inspired a flat-out religious reverence for the entire mythos that I still carry today.

Some people use bags and boards to preserve their comics in pristine condition. I had to start using one just to keep THOR #275 all in one piece. I read that baby to tatters and beyond. Every bad day I had would end with me taking it out to compare my dumb problems with the world-ending ones that Thor faced in that comic with a set jaw and an unbreakable resolve.

I only had the one issue. It ended on a cliffhanger, naturally. The final words, spoken by Allfather Odin, still ring in my ears after all these years. “And Loki – Damned LOKI – Shall WIN, AFTER ALL!” It still chills me. For years I didn’t know how that story ended.

I make comics for a few reasons. This book isn’t one of them. It was what made me fall in love with the medium in the first place, though, and that’s got to be worth something.


Interviewed by Ariane Eldar!

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shareZukahColOtty recently answered some questions with Ariane Eldar in his strangest, most interesting interview to date! Topics covered include the recipe for Ariane’s original mixed drink called the Zukahnaut, what Zukah might do if he read the comic “Little Green Men” by Pat Mallet, Zukah embodying the feminist stereotype of the typical male, what the title “Zukahnaut” means and more! Head on over to read it on her site here, or on deviantART here!

And in the event you want to try out Ariane’s mixed Zukahnaut drink–why not try it with Zukah himself? Print the image, cut him out, tape him to your straw and voila! You’ll never have to drink alone again thanks to this fine alternative!

Otty does a guest strip for Blitz Phoenix!

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imposterunmaskedpreviewIf you haven’t read Blitz Phoenix yet, here’s your excuse! Otty did a guest page for the comic featuring a glimpse into an alternate future where Zukahnaut crosses over with BP–can you get any more comicbooky than that? Get your butts over there and take it in, Zukahnauts, and then have a gander through Blitz Phoenix’s archive for lots of super-powered-teenager drama and action and intrigue! Go go go!

The Zukahnaut Trivia Contest Results

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The results are in! All contestants should have now received their free random wallpaper for entering (check your spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox). Special mention goes to uber-Zukahnaut Daniel who scored an impressive 100%, netting himself the full-marks bonus of all 3 completed ebook chapters, all 4 wallpapers, and all 5 episodes of the ZNC (Zukahnaut Netflix Commentary) podcast as well as a page of original artwork from the Zukahnaut studio! We tallied the number of correct answers per entry and rolled for the grand prize winner using the fine random number generator powered by! Interestingly most entries ended up with identical scores, giving their contestants neck-and-neck odds against one another.

I’m stalling, it’s true. Okay. The grand prize winner blessed by the RNG gods is… (more…)

Otty’s Birthday and the ZUKAHNAUT Trivia Contest!

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Happy 27th birthday to Otty Justason, creator of the Zukahverse! Over the past month we have been releasing Zukahnaut Trivia Cards running up to this day, giving you insights into the world and characters of our comic and preparing you for today’s celebration. It’s contest time! We hope you’ve been paying attention, because every factoid you’ve retained is another chance to win!


For participating and getting at least 1 answer right, you’ll receive one free randomly selected wallpaper!

If you get all questions right, you’ll receive all 3 completed ebook chapters, all 4 wallpapers, and all 5 episodes of the ZNC (Zukahnaut Netflix Commentary) podcast as well as a page of original artwork from the Zukahnaut studio!

In addition to that, every correct answer will gain you an extra entry into a draw to win all prizes listed above PLUS a Zukahnaut magnet and T-Shirt (pick your favourite design) and a commission from Otty and Sonya all FREE!


27 questions for Otty’s 27th

  1. What is the name of Zukah’s hairstyle (according to Zukah)?
  2. Who is Zukah’s favourite superhero?
  3. What was Nanma famous for in her younger days?
  4. What was Nanma infamous for in her younger days?
  5. What does Daphne and Darius’ father do for a living?
  6. Why does Darius use a cane?
  7. What is the name of Marko Killigan’s ex-wife?
  8. What language does Hrothgar speak in?
  9. How can Zukah create potato grenades?
  10. What is the full name of Zukah’s stuffed bear?
  11. How long has Zukah owned his bear?
  12. Who is Zukah’s secret stalker?
  13. How many times has the stalker been shown thus far?
  14. Does Zukah have eyebrows?
  15. Name one reason why Nanma owns so many cats.
  16. What does Darius do in his free time?
  17. Is Zukah a nature lover?
  18. What was the name of the previous resident of Zukah’s house?
  19. Why did Zukah refer to the shopkeeper in Chapter 1 as Batman?
  20. Why does Zukah always sign his name with an exclamation mark?
  21. From whom did Zukah discover Rock ‘n’ roll and alcohol?
  22. Why are Zukah’s thoughts more coherent than his speech?
  23. In life Hrothgar was involved in which historical event?
  24. What does Hrothgar claim his only weakness is?
  25. What did Daphne do for a living before the portals started to emerge?
  26. What is C.E.L.L. an acronym for?
  27. How many characters in the cast of Zukahnaut have been shown to be smokers?

Good luck! Contest entries close on Monday June 2nd at 11:59 PM PST. Email your submissions to