Interviewed by Ariane Eldar!

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shareZukahColOtty recently answered some questions with Ariane Eldar in his strangest, most interesting interview to date! Topics covered include the recipe for Ariane’s original mixed drink called the Zukahnaut, what Zukah might do if he read the comic “Little Green Men” by Pat Mallet, Zukah embodying the feminist stereotype of the typical male, what the title “Zukahnaut” means and more! Head on over to read it on her site here, or on deviantART here!

And in the event you want to try out Ariane’s mixed Zukahnaut drink–why not try it with Zukah himself? Print the image, cut him out, tape him to your straw and voila! You’ll never have to drink alone again thanks to this fine alternative!

ZUKAHNAUT headlines!

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Cheesy potatoes, Zukahnauts! Our comic has been bequeathed with another place in the spotlight!

We’ve really been looking forward to this one. The Webcomic Underdogs are an incredible community filled with the most cordial and generous people working in online comics. We’ve learned a ton of stuff in the forum, from Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work to the fact that the colour red gets severely desaturated the further underwater you travel. Its weekly Spotlights are a breeding ground for great advice, thoughtful critiques and delicious fan art. Also plain old fashioned exposure, which every underdog is desperate for.

Zukahnaut is proud to headline such a fantastic community for the next week. Thank you, Underdogs! You are pretty rad.

Otty + Sonya