Now Offering Lettering Services.

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If I had to name one thing about indie/webcomics too often treated as an afterthought, it would be the lettering. Over the past century comic lettering has evolved a very specific set of guidelines and a unique form of grammar that seasoned eyes can immediately recognize–and recognize when it’s being done wrong. Your work can have professional-level artwork and an engaging story, but so long as the lettering isn’t up to snuff no pro would mistake it for something from a major publisher.

I’m offering my services as a letterer, hoping to take your comic to the next level. I’ve heard from industry pros more than once that a great comic with shoddy lettering can be a terrible shame–but a comic with rough artwork and competent lettering is always worth a second look.

My rates are generally $15-20 per page, depending on complexity of the job (unique fonts/captions/balloons for certain characters, average wordiness of pages, frequency of SFX, etc). Inquiries can be made through

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